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The Growin Wolf, a modern age Social Media Marketing Firm.

Enhance Your


The Growin Wolf has helped over 95+ businesses generate 7-figure revenues in just 3.5 years. Our seasoned experts unleash social media magic, from planning Content to crafting Designs, Strategizing Campaigns, and delivering ROI. Helping brands thrive, conquer and reign supreme in the digital jungle.

Our Services

What We Do?

From curating your social media presence to make it stand on the top, From planning your product story to putting it up through our lens, From strategizing your content to flaunting it via graphics, our bunch of young, innovative people will do change your business in 3 Months.  

"Business has only two functions - Marketing & Innovation"
let's divide the role, you take care of the innovation and we'll look after the marketing.
"Branding is one of the most important investments one should make while building up the business"  So, what are you waiting for? Let's paint up your Brand together.

Let's Hear The Buzz

The Urban Organic
Shri Shah Neuro Hospital
Arushi Silks
Ruchi Sales
DNG Fitness
The Self Salad
Vihaan Pharmacy
SMC Masale



Mayank Pandey

Visionary marketing strategist with a track record of growing over 110+ brands through innovative problem-solving and strategies.


Rachit Gaurav

Seasoned leader with 14+ years in marketing, recognized for strategic and creative expertise in delivering remarkable results.


Aman Marodia

Creative marketer known for unique approaches and extensive experience with 110+ brands, driving client success with innovative thinking.


Sriram Vanchinathan Iyer

Business professional with 20+ years of experience, skilled in traditional and digital solutions, launched Radio Mirchi in Bangalore and UTV channels in India.


Emmanuel Joseph Sudhan

Media professional with 20+ years in communications and consumer engagement, expert in partnership management and revenue optimization.

It's Time To Do Some Flex

Enough of talking, come along and dive deep into our projects.

Client: Urban Organic
Urban Organic Life

An organic food and groceries Ecommerce with the aim to make every house organic

Client: Self Salad
Self Salad

A healthy food startup with the goal to make people life easier, healthier and happier

Client: Shipease

A logistic platform with an aim to make every business delivery seamlessly 

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